Girl Scout Cookie Eating Contest & Fundraiser for Watermark For Kids

Girl Scout, Grace, and the Winner, Chris Wojewnik of Dining Services

The Fountains at Boca Ciega Bay supported our local Girl Scout troop this year by buying an abundance of cookies during cookie season. We put those cookies to good use with a good ol’ cookie eating contest! We asked residents, associates and visitors to drop their spare change into the jars with the candidates pictures at the front desk for who they thought would win beginning in June. With change, we raised $106! All proceeds collected goes towards our Watermark for Kids program and the winner walked away with a full belly, a huge cookie trophy, a box of thin mints and a $25 gift card!

The heat was on and the participants were ready to go! We had 6 participants that made sure to make room in their belly before the contest. One associate, Norm, even brought his own milk glass – also known as a water vase! Our contestants – Alex, Norm, Ray & Chris – were a bit nervous when they saw 6 boxes of cookies lined up in front of each persons seat – that’s XXX cookies! Our littlest Girl Scout, Grace, started the race by counting them down and they were off! Check out the videos below to see them chowing down. While they ate, our Girl Scout walked around and asked residents questions and played Girl Scout Trivia after saying the Girl Scout Law to the crowd. She then cheered on the contestants! When it was time, there was no question on the winner. Some got through just the first sleeve of thin mints, and others two to three boxes. The winner, however, was stuffing 4 cookies at a time and made it to almost the 5th box of cookies. Also note, he was the underdog with having raised only $5 in his jar! Dining Services Director, Christopher Wojewnik, took home the prize, but gave his winning box of Thin Mints to Grace. We were so proud of all the contestants and so happy that we raised the money to support our organization in a fun way!

I don’t think any of them have touched a cookie since…

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