Meet Justin Black


In April 2021, Justin Black shared his story of survival and legacy with Watermark’s Executive, Managing, and National Directors at a gathering in Tucson, Arizona.


For Justin Black, March 15, 2011, haunts him to this day. A seventh-grader at the time, he was brutally attacked by three high school students. They slammed a brick into his teeth, shattering six of them and causing a bone fragment to be lodged in his gum under his nose.

As a child, Justin experienced homelessness and neglect. He grew up in foster care and couldn’t afford extensive dental reconstruction. He endured constant mouth pain and discomfort from an ill-fitting bridge that caused even more damage. In addition to the physical pain, Justin experienced depression due to the trauma of his attack.

Justin looked all over the country for affordable prices for the dental surgery he needed, driving as far as Canada looking for options. Then, a friend connected him with Watermark for Kids, which covered his dental surgery expenses. He no longer had to choose between his dental health and his financial stability.

“Watermark really changed my life forever. What they did was far beyond than just give me back my smile. Watermark for Kids helped bring back my happiness,” Justin shares.

Today, Justin Black is an author and business owner – and he’s thriving. Watch him discuss his life-changing experience with Watermark for Kids.To learn more about Justin and Alexis Black’s story of growing up in the foster care system, defying the odds, and how they healed and found joy together, read Redefining Normal. Their book is available in paperback and e-book.