The Fountains at Crystal Lake Welcomes New Watermark Kids, Lilyana and Sophia

Welcome, Lilyana Carrion to the Watermark for Kids Family!

We are very excited to introduce our newest Watermark Kids, who happen to be sisters! Lilyana is the oldest and is 8 years old. She attends Mary Endres Elementary School in Woodstock and enjoys horses, literacy, swimming, volleyball, reading and snuggling with her mom. Her desire one day is to be a farm-animal veterinarian.

Little sister Sophia is 5 years old and attends Verda Dierzen Early Learning School in Woodstock. Sophia enjoys gymnastics, learning Spanish, swimming, animals and hanging out with friends. She desires to be a gymnastics teacher when she’s older.

Through the fundraising efforts of The Fountains at Crystal Lake, we are able to help Lilyana with horseback riding lessons and Sophia with gymnastics lessons.


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