Watermark for Kids Scrub & Shine Car Wash Fundraiser

Alexandra Catalon and the Parkview in Frisco  Dream Team were on the move again with the perfect fundraiser on a nice hot day! Our community came out and showed their support in big numbers. The residents, staff, vendors and Parkview drivers were all present.

Scrub & Shine Car Wash was open for business… and business was good! For the big day, our Watermark for Kids Team made signs for the front of our community and filled the buckets with plenty of water and liquid soap. We added a brush or two, plenty of sponges, lots of towels, hoses with spray nozzles, Windex, and tire shine for both sides. We worked like lean, mean scrubbing machines and got the job done!

There was a little something for everyone. We also added another opportunity to give. No cars to wash, no problem! Donate to the “Drink – it – Up Fundraiser! For 50 cents, you could enjoy a nice refreshing bottle of water, a cold Coca Cola or Sprite. Yes, everyone rallied for the cause. The music from the 50’s played as the cars rolled in. People were singing, water was splashing all over the place. We had a ball and washed at least 20 or more cars! We worked hard and it paid off.

Our Watermark Kid Alex Catalon washed, rinsed, dried and collected donations with a smile on her face. She raised a Grand Total of $277.00! Watermark for Kids is a non-profit organization committed to empowering underserved kids to express their character, leadership, creativity, compassion and spirit – to express their true selves and thrive. Kudos to Ms. Alex for another job, well done!

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