Watermark for Kids Coach Affidavit

  • Watermark Kid

  • Watermark Kid must be 6-22 years of age.
  • Parent/Guardian

  • Funds Request

  • Please provide details of exactly how funds will be spent. List dollar amounts and store/vendor names where each product or service will be purchased.
  • Watermark Kid Coach

  • Please explain your understanding of the applicant’s financial background and why you believe they are underserved.
  • Please describe how you believe this project would impact the life of your Watermark Kid and allow them to thrive.
  • Watermark Coach Commitment

    As a Coach for Watermark for Kids, I am committed to guiding and encouraging my Watermark Kid throughout the process. I will be a positive role model regardless of application funding and will follow through with my commitment to my Watermark Kid.

  • Signature

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